Our commitment is to implement our partners’ projects, giving shape – and skin – to their ideas. We like to think of our partnerships as a unique moment, in which each of the clients we work with guides us towards a new project, creating an opportunity for mutual growth. Because it joins ideas and their actual feasibility, the design phase is the highlight of our creation process. It is a crucial moment that epitomisesour concept of partnership: we want the material we work with to reflect the image created in the mind and through the pencil of our partners. This is why our prototypes can only be the result of a dialogue between the brand’s creative genius, our technical expertise and the insight of our designers. At our factory, the skills of the past join the energy and creativity of the future to create the leather accessories of our time. This is the vision of craftsmanship that we offer to our clients and that is reflected in each bag: long-standing expertise blending with high-precision technology to come up with the most innovative designs.

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